10 Decorative Door Stops Ideas and Design 2019

The door stops nowadays are not only functional but also decorative with the ideas below.

  1. Golf

The door stop can be chosen from the interest. People who love golf can get the door stop with this theme.

  1. Leaf

Fallen leaf must be a brilliant door stop choice which people can choose for their autumn home decoration.

  1. Tube

The door stop which has the tube shape will be very effective for keeping the door open yet attractive as well because of the color.

  1. Paper Airplane

A paper airplane which gets stuck under the door might be a great door stop idea. Of course, it is not made from paper but plastic.

  1. Fabric Triangular Pyramid

A functional and lightweight door stop option can be found from the fabric triangular pyramid. Its bright color can be a great accent in the room.

  1. Wildlife

The door stop does not have to be so unattractive because people can try using the wildlife door stop with the whimsical design.

  1. Gold Bar

Well, it will be fun to be playful with the door stop. Many people usually will keep the gold bar in a safe place but using an imitation one as the door stop will be funny as well.

  1. Wooden Race Car

Why do not use the door stop which comes with the vintage style from wooden material? It is getting more interesting since the shape is similar to the race car.

  1. Cheese

The door stop can be chosen by considering the room. For the kitchen door, people can choose the door stop which has food design such as a piece of cheese.

  1. Key

Key usually is used for opening the door lock. It must be a great idea to use the door stop with a key design for keeping the door open. It comes with various attractive colors to choose from.