10 Unique Salt and Pepper Shakers 2019

Salt and pepper are essential to add the taste of the foods and people can find shakers with unique designs.

1. Chemistry Themed

Chemistry theme can be brought into the dining table by using the salt and pepper shakers which are inspired by science.

Chemistry Themed salt

2. Film Inspired

Photographers surely will love the salt and pepper shakers which are designed by taking the shape of the films.

salt and pepper shakers

3. Zen

Bring the balance into the table by using the salt and pepper shakers which are inspired by Zen’s stacking pebbles.

zen pebble-salt-and-pepper

4. Natural Shakers

The shakers which are made from natural material such as wood will be a great touch for dining experience moreover if they are hand carved.

5. c

The simple shape of Humpty Dumpty can be used for the salt and pepper shaker. It is still unique because it can sway and wobble. There is no need to worry because it will not topple over at all.

6. Triceratops

People surely can be quirky when choosing salt and pepper shakers. They can consider the shakers with the triceratops shape which can appeal anyone’s inner child.

Vintage 70s Triceratops Dinosaur Salt Pepper Shakers Ceramic

7. Glass Pig

The pigs made from the fine glasses which are able to pour salt and pepper from its cute snouts must be an adorable addition on the dining table.

glass pig salt and pepper shakers

8. Nautical

Nautical theme tableware will make the dining table look more attractive. They can consider the salt and pepper shakers with cute octopus or whale shape.

Nautical Salt & Pepper Shakers

9. Dog

Dog person will love the shakers which come with their favorite pet shape. The shakers are getting more interesting with the magnetic inserts which can make them kiss each other. They can find the dog shakers with various breeds.

 Dog Ceramic Salt & Pepper Shakers

10. Robot

Salt and pepper shakers do not have to be boring at all. The shakers with a technology theme can be considered for people who love classic science fiction.

robot salt and pepper shakers

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