10 Most Popular Basement Design Ideas for 2019

Instead of a boring and useless basement, there are some great ideas for designing the basement.

  1. Open Concept

The basement can be used for various purposes but they need to apply the open concept which can give extra space for a small house.

  1. Home Extension

In many cases, people think that the basement is separated from the living area of the house but it actually can be made into the extension of their home.

  1. Home Theater Room

Although it is pretty common, making the basement into a home theater room still becomes a favorite choice for many people.

  1. Guest Suites

The guest will love to stay in the basement which is designed as a guest suite which can be a better option than the local hotels.

  1. Gym and Spa

Home gym and home spa will be a great luxury which people can enjoy at their home. If they do not have enough space for this kind of luxury, they can use the basement.

  1. Stage

The unique idea which can be applied in the basement is by making a stage in this area where they can enjoy music and dance.

  1. Sports Room

The basement will be a perfect place for creating a sports room where they can enjoy various kinds of fun activities such as playing games with friend and family.

  1. Home Office

It is sure that the basement will be a great place for making a home office. It will be perfect for providing privacy while working on a certain project at home.

  1. Brewery or Bar

Creating the basement into a home brewery or bar will be a great place for enjoying time with friends and drinking beers.

  1. Family Friendly Space

A small house can take great advantage of the basement because it can be made into family-friendly multitasking space. It can be used as a home library, TV room, and even play area for the kids.

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