10 Fun and Cool Teen Bedroom Ideas 2019

Designing and decorating a teen’s bedroom can be challenging but it surely can be cool and fun.

  1. Smart Storage

The smart storage will give the grown-up feel yet still playful in the teen’s bedroom.

  1. Layers

More layers should be added in the teen’s bedroom especially if they have to share one large room. It is better to put two queen beds than twin sized beds.

  1. Fun Decoration

It is okay to have fun when decorating the teen’s bedroom by using the accessories and artwork.

  1. Privacy

Giving teens the opportunity to enjoy their privacy can be done by creating a small window seat in their bedroom where they can relax and even hang out with friends.

  1. Hobby Display

If the teens have a specific hobby, there is nothing wrong to display their hobbies in their bedroom decoration.

  1. Balance

Combining bold and bright color in a teen’s bedroom can be done while keeping the room look sophisticated and aesthetic at the same time.

  1. All Out

Going all out means that the teen’s bedroom can really be designed based on their favorite color and their expectation about their room.

  1. Clean and Simple

Teen’s room can also be kept clean and simple by using a neutral color. The dimension can be brought by using the unique bed frame, luxurious bedding, and the fluffy carpet.

  1. Work Space

There is nothing wrong to add the workspace into the teen’s bedroom which has a semi-minimalist design. It can help them to feel more independent. It can boost their productivity as well hopefully.

  1. Modern Bunk Bed

Teens love to hang out with their friends so it must be great to have a hangout area in their bedroom. It does not have to take over space because they can use the modern bunk bed design for this purpose.

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