10 bedroom design for teenage girl 2019

Every teenage girl has the ambition to be a princess. She can spend time for hours to play and act to be a kingdom princess. A teenage girl bedroom with a kingdom theme will be a comfortable room to relax your mind. The bedroom design is not difficult in which you can make it to your teenage girls. Here is the list of the bedroom design for a teenage girl.

Soft Pink Classical Bedroom

The first inspiration for a teenage girl bedroom is using cool soft pink. The decoration of this bedroom looks feminine and classic. A girly look is accentuated from this bedroom. You can add a pink bed that is suitable for teenage girls. You don’t forget to apply a photo frame, a stylish cabinet, a beautiful mirror, and table light.

A Hidden Bedroom

It is realistically applied a hidden bedroom. A bedroom with a fantasy style and a kingdom design is a nice option. It is specially designed for teenage girl bedroom. It embeds a carpet flooring with gentle colors in which it increases a beautiful impression.

A Minimalist Bedroom Design

A small carpet and furniture items will make a minimalist design of your bedroom. The soft wallpaper with a floral theme will complete an overall look of your teenage girls. With a few creativity, you can give big cardboard to be a playful friend with your teenage girls.

Princess Bedroom Design

Another inspiration for the bedroom takes a princess design. It has no big size in which you can decorate it beautifully. You can add some princess details to this bedroom design. It will make a comfortable place for your kids.

The Other Bedroom Designs

There are some other bedroom designs that can be applied in building a bedroom design such as classical design, vintage, toy, cartoon design, hello kitty design, and butterfly bedroom design.

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